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My videos (Videos recorded by me)


My very first Video upload. Was shot a few years back in TX. (yeah, it was BAD. LOL)

Friends’ Pictures (Pictures submitted by YOU and shared from others)



Friends’ Videos (videographers that have impressed, informed, and entertained me)

Alan KaySurvival
So here he is….. THE MASTER…. The SLUG EATER…. History channels “ALONE” First Season Champion…. Mr. Alan Kay

David Pearson
and his “FUN IN THE WOODS” channel is about the most inventive and informative you can find.
A true SOUTHERN Bushcraft/Survival guy, he is funny and entertaining beyond your expectations.

Stephanie Margeth
Beautiful and Skilled…. Stephie is one of the best. Bushcrafting in Germany and the neighboring area.. she entertains, educates, demonstrates, and justplain kicks butt at Bushcrafting. 

Brave The Wilds
Going back SIX YEARS ago, this young man has been producing informative and interesting videos since he was 12 or 13 years old (my best guess). You can literally watch him grow up over the course of his videos. 

Scrambled O
Skilled, Funny, and cooks some REALLY great foods.



Informative VIDEOS from various Other Videographers