Welcome to Dixie Bushcraft

WELCOME to Dixie Bushcraft  !!!

How many times have you seen a Bushcrafting picture or video that shows the Bushcrafter in SNOW or some other circumstance that does not apply to OUR geographic area and climate ???
How often has the information in the pics and vids been totally useless due to the differences between other areas and OUR South ???

Dixie Bushcraft is dedicated to the SOUTHERN Bushcrafter.
Articles, Skills, and Product recommendations are tailored to Bushcrafting in OUR more temperate climates.

Are YOU a Southern Bushcrafter ??? Yes ??? Then THIS is YOUR site.

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Articles are posted in the Blog Section.
All of my pictures & videos are presented on my video Page.

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The Secondary goal of Dixie Bushcraft is to promote Bushcrafting, Camping, Fishing,Hunting, and other “Outdoor” Activities to YOUTH.
Our youth participate in “non-gaming” Outdoor Activities at a lower level today than any time in History.
Sitting in a climate controlled building and staring at a the screen on some piece of technology makes up the MAJORITY of activity nowadays.
The result is a youth that has become socially introverted and physically unfit, often to the detriment of their health.
The “Woods” are completely unknown to most youth today, and even programs that were designed to get youth out into the woods have become sedate and lacking in OUTDOORS skills.
Whether Boy or Girl, Bushcrafting allows youths to participate and learn EQUALLY. NONE of the skills in Bushcraft are gender specific, and few are AGE restrictive.

So my goal is to provide Information, Training, and Opportunity to ALL who desire to learn.

YOU are invited to join in too !!!


You may notice a “Countdown Clock” that is counting down days to a GIVEAWAY.
That’s exactly what it is.
I am going to give away some neat prizes from time to time.
Maybe even MONTHLY when this thing gets rolling along.

The GIVEAWAY on the clock was for MY Birthday, November 20th, 2017 @6pm.
I chose from ALL Subscribers to this Blog and Members of the Forum.

“SAM H.” WON a Morakniv Companion…… The choice of Bushcrafters WORLDWIDE.


Subscribers GIVEAWAY…..
I am also giving away a Morakniv 125th Anniversary to Celebrate “100 SUBSCRIBERS” on the Blog & on the Forum.


Hopefully, about now you are asking…..

“Hey Dixie, HOW DO I WIN ????”

All you have to do is SUBSCRIBE to my Blog (1), or REGISTER/JOIN my FORUM (2) .
(and let’s face it, you were going to do that anyway cause it is so much fun)
You get an “entry” for each one.

When I hit 100 Subscribers on the Blog, and 100 Members on the Forum, I will take the 100 Subscribers and 100 member numbers and use a random number generator to choose a number between 1 and 200.

If that number is yours… YOU WIN !!!!

I will post the winners’ (your) Name and contact you for shipping info.
Then I will mail you your NEW KNIFE.

There is nothing to buy, and there is nothing more you HAVE to do.
(but I just betcha you will WANT to keep up with the posts on the Blog… and even join in the discussions on the Forum)

So why the giveaways and prizes ???

Well… to be straight up honest… it is to build Subscribers.
My goal is to eventually monetize this blog
, and that will in turn help me to teach and help equip those who cannot afford to do this on their own.

How ???
Well, I will be affiliating with retailers and when products are bought AFTER clicking through from my links I get paid a commission.
No extra cost to the buyer, and no pressure from me other than the invite to do so.

For now…..
I will soon be conducting LIVE TRAINING in the East Central Mississippi Area.
Classes will be taught to groups of  4 to 10 (not including Chaperones), and classes will be comprised of 25% Indoors & 75% Outdoors classwork.

(For Example: The “Basic Woodsman” class will be classroom for 1 evening and then a 48 hour “Outing” from Friday afternoon thru Sunday afternoon)

Outings will be held in the Bienville National Forest, Desoto National Forest, and on Private properties as arranged.

Please see the “Bushcrafting Classes, Trips, & Excursions” Page for more information on classes and upcoming trips.

Please enjoy this site and feel free to comment any ideas or questions.

The “Photo & Video Gallery” is being populated as I can get things up.
It includes videos I have watched and approved from other trusted Bushcrafters, and will also include videos and pictures from all over the Nation taken during my career in trucking.

Thank You for checking us out.
We are looking forward to getting to know you.

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